Notable Outer Space Distance and Weight Banana Conversions

Want to learn more about how far or heavy all your favorite celestial objects are (as converted into bananas)? Keep scrolling below to find out!

1 Lightyear

53,442,048,818,181,816 Bananas

Our Solar System

50,727,272,727,272,728 Bananas

1 parsec

174,304,650,686,906,816 Bananas

Milky Way Galaxy

53,442,048,818,181,816,000,000 Bananas


Circumference: 226,372,727.3 Bananas
Mass: 52,677,248,677,248,670,000,000,000 Bananas


Distance from Earth: 2,171,818,181 Bananas
Circumference: 61,690,909 Bananas
Mass: 647,442,680,776,014,000,000,000 Bananas


Distance from Earth: 840,437,471,910 Bananas
Circumference: 24,532,657,303 Bananas
Mass: 17,539,682,539,682,538,000,000,000,000,000 Bananas

Based off an average banana size of 7″ and 4oz. Real-world measurements may vary. Height source: Google

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