Notable Earth-based Distance, Height and Weight Banana Conversions

Want to learn more about how far, tall or heavy all your favorite places and things on Earth are (as converted into bananas)? Keep scrolling below to find out!


Grand Canyon

Depth: 10,451.1 Bananas
Length: 2,518,181.8 Bananas

Eiffel Tower

Height: 1,823.3 Bananas
Weight: 89,065,255.7 Bananas

Statue of Liberty

Height: 524 Bananas
Weight: 1,984,127 Bananas

Mount Rushmore

Width: 348.3 Bananas
Height: 101.1 Bananas

Atlantic Ocean

Width: 27,134,831.5 Bananas
Depth: 47,056.2 Bananas

Pacific Ocean

Width: 111,235,955.1 Bananas
Depth: 61,393.3 Bananas

Niagara Falls

Height: 286.4 Bananas

Mount Everest

Height: 49,712.7 Bananas

Based off an average banana size of 7″ and 4oz. Real-world measurements may vary. Source: Wikipedia

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