Celebrity Height Banana Conversions

Want to learn more about how tall or heavy your favorite celebrities are (as measured in bananas)? Keep scrolling below to find out!

Tom Cruise

Height: 9.6 Bananas

Jennifer Lawrence

Height: 9.9 Bananas

Dwayne Johnson

Height: 11 Bananas

Ariana Grande

Height: 9 Bananas

Andre the Giant

Height: 12.6 Bananas

Kevin Hart

Height: 8.9 Bananas

Taylor Swift

Height: 10.1 Bananas

Zac Efron

Height: 9.7 Bananas


Height: 10 Bananas

Justin Bieber

Height: 9.9 Bananas

Nicki Minaj

Height: 8.9 Bananas

Danny DeVito

Height: 8.3 Bananas

Based off an average banana size of 7″. Real-world measurements may vary. Height source: Google

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